Saturday, November 10, 2007

Badminton Law: Bao Chunlai----Always No.2

Bao lost his French Open title to the amazing Lee Chong Wei. This time it was Malaysian who broke his dream, last lose in Denmark.

The fans of Bao are all disappointed and doubted why. In China, there are more badminton fans of Bao than Lin Dan for the former is more attractive. But it doesn’t help Bao with a gold medal.

In Denmark Open Bao did so good job that he beat Taufik, Lee Chong Wei and Chen Jin and entered the finals. Facing compatriot Lin Dan, Bao did not perform well any more and lost the game in a very short time.

It was just a copy in the French Open MS final. After outplaying Lin Dan with great effort, Bao was edged by Lee Chong Wei. To conclude, the champion always slipped away from Bao.
In my opinion, Bao has the power to kick off any other top badminton player in the world. But the trrth is, Bao seldom got a gold medal. Why?

Maybe tiredness was the reason. In Denmark Open, Bao had a few hard battles before the finals. It was the same as in French Open. Bao finally defeated Lin Dan in semi-final, which made him tried both in physiology and psychology.

In fact, the main cause is Bao’s weak psychology.

Problem1: the shadow of Lin Dan

Bao is one of the most outstanding players in the world with strength and rich experience.But there is one badminton player that he could not conquer no matter how skilled he is. It is Lin Dan. In almost every tournament Lin was superior to Bao. Bao could have excellent behavior except facing Lin Dan. They have fought for 20 times with 14 victories for Lin Dan.

So Bao seemed to play badminton under the shadow of Lin Dan, which made him lack of confidence encountering Lin Dan. After so many failures, Bao intended to accept that it was nearly impossible for him to outplay Lin Dan.

Problem 2: the fear of finals

Always being No.2 made Bao fear of finals. A too strong desire to the title made badminton player impatient on the court. Bao is the case. Bao is very much eager to prove to the world that he could be the No.1. This deeply influenced his performance and made him not focus himself on the match. French Open is an example.
How could he overcome it? It depends on himself.

From his career honors below we could see this: so many runner-ups, few champions.

Bao’s career:

2002 All England Open, Indonesia Open last4; Japan Open, Singapore Open last 8

2003 German Open, Hong Kong Open last4; Singapore Open, Malaysia Open, China Open last 8; World Championship MS last 4

2004 Thomas Cup Champion(team); Swiss Open, Japan Open, China Open runner-up; Indonesia Open, Singapore Open last 4; Malaysia Open last 8; Olympic Games badminton MS last 16

2005 Sudirman Cup Champion(team); China Open, Hong Kong Open, China Master Open runner-up; German Open, Malaysia Open last4; Singapore Open, Japan Open, All England Open last 8; World Championship last 8

2006 Thomas Cup Champion(team); World Championship runner-up; Asian Games champion(team); Korea Open title; China Open, Indonesia Open runner-up; Singapore Open last 4; Thailand Open, Macau Open last 8

2007 Malaysia Open, Indonesia Open, Denmark Open, French Open runner-up; All England Open, Korea Open last 4; China Master last 8; World Championship last 4

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