Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lin Dan: I Will Play Badminton till 2012

Lin Dan promised that he would play badminton till 2012 on his birthday. Oct 14th, 2007 was Lin Dan’s 24th birthday. Due to some tournaments for Olympic credits, the party held by his fans was postponed until Nov 10th. (Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang with their fans, photo)

Being the top one badminton player, Lin Dan made a birthday vow to god that he would scoop the Olympic title.

“Of course I hope that I could get the gold medal in Beijing Olympic Games for it’s a hometown event. But it’s a very difficult job for there are many competitive players including Taufik, Lee Chong Wei. If I failed to make it next year, I would try once more in 2012 Olympic Games. I will not be very old with 29 years old in 2012”, said Lin Dan.

As we all knew, Lin Dan is a fashionable person and shopping is one of his favorite hobbies. To entertain his fans, he wore a silver fur coat with sports shoes in the same color, which made him look like a model for the latest fashion in clothes. Being the hostess of the party, Xie Xingfang did not seek the limelight for her boyfriend was the center on this occasion. She had the same brand clothes as Lin Dan.

To thank his fans, Lin Dan rewarded each of his fans a special gift, a T-shirt designed by Lin Dan himself. The front of it showed a cartoon of Lin Dan with badminton racket, the back with 2 letters LD which stood for Lin Dan. For his works, Lin Dan spent a lot of time and energy on it. He disclosed to his fans that Xie Xingfang would show up in his 2nd works in 2008, which made us all eager to see it.

How did Lin Dan come to the badminton road?

When Lin Dan was 5 years old, his mother brought him an electronic organ. But Lin Dan hated it. The young Lin Dan liked to play with his boy friends especially acting as a policeman. To cast off the boring training of electronic organ, Lin Dan gave his mother an excuse of showing around the stadium nearby. By chance he met his favorite of his life----badminton. From then on he began his badminton road to success.

At the age of 12, Lin Dan became a professional badminton player of Ba Yi team. Everyone has his memorable first love. To the question when Lin Dan began to take notice of female, his face turned red. His girlfriend was also curious to know that. Someone shouted in the crowd: it’s in his 15 years old. But it was denied by Lin Dan. He was so smart that he said his parents and Xie Xingfang were the most important in his heart instead of giving the direct answer.

Olympic Games superior to marriage

Although being the top one, Lin Dan knew that the chance of Olympic title was equal to every competitor. Both Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang were under the great pressure of gold medals from the expectation of Chinese people.

“The biggest is from journalists.” Lin Dan told that the media gave him power and pressure especially when he did not perform well.

Lin Dan has done a good job this year. Besides the title of World Championship, he won a few champions of the Super Series tournaments. Next week China Open will be held in Guangzhou. It is a very good opportunity to get more credits for Olympic qualification. Lin Dan regarded it as Olympic matches to adjust himself to the situation of home field.

“Many people think Taufik is the hardest opponent to me. In fact, all the powerful badminton MS players are my opponents. But the most difficult one to conquer is not from others, it’s me. I believe that the only way to success is to win myself.”

In last China Open, Lin Dan was beat by his compatriot Bao Chunlai. He expected outstanding performance in the tournament this year for he was named “son-in-law of Guangzhou” with Xie Xingfang boring there.

There have been a few years since they fell in love and Lin Dan’s mother was very happy with Xie Xingfang. But they are not going to marry in the near future. The most important task for them is to prepare for Beijing Olympic Games. They gave great comfort to each other when either was in bad shape.

As for the title of Beijing Olympic Games, Xie Xingfang was more confident to get it. But she mentioned that she would retire after the great event due to injury and age. Lin Dan wass cautious of Olympic gold medal, but more dedicated to it.

“I hope to be the No.1 of 2008 Olympic Games, but the mission is a little bit hard to accomplish. If I failed in 2008, I would try once more in 2012 Olympic Games. I am still young then.” Lin Dan regards Olympic gold medal as his biggest goal.

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