Monday, November 19, 2007

Taufik Quit China Badminton Open

The organizing committee of China Badminton Open declared to the public that Taufik quit the tournament.

The Indonesian badminton team arrived in Guangzhou last night without the most famous player Taufik. News came from Indonesia that Taufik claimed not to go to China before getting into a plane. After knowing that, many reporters asked the vice chief referee Lei Mingji to prove it.

“He informed us with an email. He told us he would not attend Guangzhou tournament without his cause.” Lei Mingji said to the reporters. Taufik will be fined 250 US$ for his quit.

It is the second time that Taufik did this. Early in 2005, the hottest battle between Lin Dan and him did not show up due to his absence. Also, the quit this time affected the box ticket. According to the draw, the opponent of Taufik in the first round will be Bao Chunlai. The badminton fans were eager to watch it, but they failed.

Bao told the media it was a pity for that all his recent training was aimed to beat the Indonesian. To the question whether his power scared Taufik, Bao replied as follows.

“I do not have such power to scare him to quit China Badminton Open. It is another case if he admits it himself. But I am working hard to prepare the clash. It is a great pity that I do not have the chance to beat him in China.”

Bao’s opponent was changed to an unknown Thailand one.

Let’s think about why Taufik quit.

Injury is sure to be an excuse. He has just beat Sony to get the title of national championship. It showed that he was in good shape. He was satisfied with his form that he would take part in Hong Kong Open.

In fact, Taufik’s quit related the following 2 points.

1. Indonesian revenge on China

As we all knew, Lin Dan quit Indonesia Open in May this year. He did it on the day before the opening of the match that the committee had no time to redraw. Indonesians were dissatisfied with it. Christian Hadinata, the head coach of Indonesian badminton team gave his opinion as the following.

“There is a tradition of equality in badminton matches. Since China did not send the most outstanding player to attend Indonesia Super Series, it is not necessary for us to let our excellent player to compete in the tournament held in China. Although we need more credits for Olympic qualification by Super Series, we make our choice with the consideration of all factors besides it.”

Observer considered his remarks a sign that Taufik would quit China Master in Chendu.

But it did no happen. It became a reality in the Guangzhou event.

2. According to the draws, Taufik had much difficulty to get a spot in final.

There are three top Chinese shuttlers Bao Chunlai, Chun Yu and Lin Dan waiting for him. One of the three has the strength to edge Taufik. Maybe it is wise for him to give up. Thus he will have more time to prepare for Hong Kong Open.

But I have to say Taufik will encounter Chinese badminton players sooner or later. In the first round of HongKong Open he will take on Chen Hong, a hard opponent to conquer.

In fact, Taufik is surrounded by Chinese group no matter what kind of tournament he attends.

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