Sunday, November 18, 2007

Predictions of China Badminton Open

Men’s Singles

The most attractive match of the first round will be the clash between Bao Chunlai and Taufik. The latter hates to meet Bao on the court for they are the natural enemies due to the types of badminton techniques. Taufik does not fear Lin Dan, but he has some to Bao with 5 failures and 3 victories. He was beaten in Denmark Open. So I think Bao has more percentage to win again.

As I wrote before, Bao was always the second. In the semi-final of last China Open, He outplayed Lin Dan for the first time. All his fans were eager for him to win the title. But he lost to Chen Hong which disappointed them. It’s a copy of last year that he was the 2 runner-ups of Denmark Open and French Open. Could he move forward to prove that he was a man, not a boy?

The other games of the first day will also be wonderful which include Chen Yu against Chen Hong, Lin Dan against Park Sung Hwan, Peter Gade against Simon and Lee Chong Wei against Ponsana Boonsak. With thanks to the revolution of drawing straws for the tournaments with credits by BWF, we are offered so many splendid matches that are no less than semi-finals or finals of international events.

Women’s Singles

As the hometown player and world No.1, Xie Xingfang is the favorite to scoop the title. She has a very good luck that she will not encounter hard opponents till quarter-finals. Her compatriot Lu Lan and Hong Kong’s Wang Chen are in the same part as her.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ning will have more difficulties to fight her way out for there are so many top players in the second half including Jiang Yanjiao, Wang Lin, the world champion Zhu Lin, Hong Kong’s Zhou Mi and a so-called overseas group consisted of German Xu Huaiwen, Dutch Yao Jie and French Pi Hongyan.

She has not been champion for 6 months with bad form. In my opinion, it’s very hard for her to win the continuous title of this tournament.

Men’s Doubles

With the sweep against Malaysian pair of Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah, Cai Yun and Fu Haifeng changed the score to 1:2. They are expected to revenge the Malaysian to have a tie. In the fourth quarter, the French Open champions have the most possibility to take on Korean pair of Lee Jae Jin and Hwang Ji Man. The Chinese pair will step forward regarding the strength gap of both sides.

If they successfully enter the last 4, they are possible to meet world champion Kido Markis and Setiawan Hendra or Denmark pair of Eriksen Jens and Lundgaard Hansen Martin. The former beat them in the final of last China Open in straight games. The latter edged them in the semi-final of Denmark Open in three games. The Chinese pairs are filled with desire to have a win over either of them.

Women’s Doubles

China has the dominance of this event. But there are so many factors to affect it especially the change of players in national badminton team. Huang Sui left, Athens champions Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen separated (reunion now), Du Jing and Yu Yang injured. The gold pair Gao Ling and Huang Sui was replaced by Gao Ling/Zhao Tingting to attend China Badminton Open.

According to the draw, the top seed Zhang Yawen and Wei Yili and her compatriot Du Jing/Yu Yang are in the first half. The 5th seed Gao Ling and Zhao Tingting will have a battle with Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen.

World No.4, the 3rd seeds Lee Kyung Won/Lee Hyo Jung are likely to compete with Zhang Yawen/Wei Yili for a spot of final. The Korean pair beat the Chinese in the Macau Open.
I have to talk about Yang Wei and Zhang Jiewen. After reunion, they scooped the title of World Championship. They cherish the chances given by the coach team and hope to have a 4 uninterrupted champion.

Mixed Doubles

Top seed Zheng Bo/Gao Ling and world NO.4 Xie Zhongbo/Zhang Yawen are expected to have achievements. The English pair Donna Kellogg/Anthony Clark and Gail Emms/Nathan Robertson, the Denish pair Kamilla Rytter Juhl/Thomas Laybourn are the most competitive opponents for the Chinese pairs.

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